Tuesday, January 29, 2013

No Blueberries for me!

Hey! It´s p-day! WHOOP! Ok so I had my first fruit right off of a tree the other day. DELISH. It was called carumbola, No I have no idea if that’s the right spelling. It’s super super good though. My next goal is to find a mango tree. The mango juice here is unbelievable. I had a mango off a tree in sao paulo but I want to see if their better here. This week was not as exciting as last week. Maybe it’s just because I´m getting used to how crazy this mission is haha. A dog tried to bite me yesterday, I beat him down with my book of Mormon though and he ran off yelping, no worries about them dogs. I think he told his friends because i haven’t had any problems since then :)). I talked about the dogs, rats and cats right? They really are EVERYWHERE. I saw a family of 4 dogs the other day sleeping on the sidewalk. It was cute they were all cuddling and stuff. awwwwwwww! There’s also 10,000 ants every square foot here. We have a small nation of em in our trash can. Nothing we can do to get rid of them. The mosquitos were getting revenge for their fallen brethren this week I think. I had 10 on each leg the other day haha. They are NOT normal mosquitos. They bite through my dress pants, and garments underneath. Blew my mind when I first realized they were doing that.
I’m officially the ward piano player. No one in the ward plays so it’s just me struggling to keep up on the lil electric one they have. I’m also going to start teaching an English class on Wednesday nights! I’m excited because it’s a good thing to invite investigators to and strengthen my relationship with the ward. Haha dad. The bishop here LOVES the walking dead. It just made me think of you, him and his son asks me about tv series all the time and if I’ve ever watched them. The bishop is WAY awesome. He has such an awesome sense of humor. Did I ever say there are sand/grass/futsol arenas EVERYWHERE here? Well there are. The Brazilians love their soccer. We aren’t allowed to play soccer though so I don´t have to worry about embarrassing myself. BUT we can play basketball, so that’s AWESOME! Ok so crazy story for the week. We were walking down a hill one day (by the way there are 1,0000000 super steep hills in my area) and this guy far away was walking toward us eating popcorn. He was probably 40 or so and yelled ´´Élderes!´´ We said Oi! And went and talked to him. He just started going OFF about deep doctrine crap. He was using a ton of weird words that i had no idea what they were. He literally talked for 45 minutes straight about Weird stuff. We found out after a little while that he´s a preacher for the protestant church. So we eventually said. Look, we gotta go. He asked if he could leave us with a prayer and we said sure! He said ok and KNELT down in the middle of the road and started praying FOR 10 MINUTES!!! Me and Elder Basìlio just looked at each other in the middle of the prayer.   So something else kind of ruined my week......THEY DONT HAVE BLUEBERRY PANCAKES HERE. I was so sad. Mom no need to waste weight and send me those. I was just a lil sad (sniffle). I’m sure you´ve already heard but 233 people died in a club in Rio Grande do Sul. Everyone is talking about it. Really, really sad. People here are really giving. Whenever you need water you can go to any house and ask for some. Maybe it’s because they know you’ll die here if you don’t get water but still. Kinda cool. I went on splits this week into another area with an Elder. It was fun! The area he was in had a lot more Favelas than mine. We taught this 15 year old girl and it was crazy spiritual. Ok so the question, I still have socks and because everyone takes their shoes off when they walk in their floors are clean. YES. I’m drinking plenty. People here are giving. You can go to any house and ask for water and they’ll give you some. All the water people drink is filtered. They have areas where you can fill up on of those big blue jugs for 60 cents. That’s what we drink. Ya just can’t drink the tap. I drink extra though because my shirts are completely drenched in sweat by the end of the day.  I’ll take more pics next week. Send ME some! Freak! You can just upload them and send them to my email even!  Please send lots of pics and videos back with the card. We aren’t supposed to carry our cameras around with us 1 for safety and 2 so we don’t look like tourists. I’m trying to get more though. I still have an ingrown toenail and was sick all day yesterday. Sucked walking around with the flu like that. But it’s cleared up a ton today. No I didn’t have a fever. Yeah I already met Elder Page the first day. He’s way cool and his Portuguese is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good. We talked about alpine for a lil then I had to run. Right now were just trying to find a bunch of new investigators. So lots of walking and knocking right now. But the mission is really really really hard. Its is so difficult sometimes to just walk up a hill or get up in the morning because all I want to do is sleep. It is 1,000 times different from the MTC. Everyone always told me it would be hard, but you just don’t know until you´re here! From what I´ve seen if you´re not 100% committed and obedient you won’t make it! I couldn´t do this if I wasn´t being obedient. I’ve never been so tired, stressed, frustrated, happy, peaceful, and just content in my whole life. The mission is tough, especially where I´m at. But it’s so worth it :)  I think that’s all I got for now! Tchau!
---Elder Green
 GPS=  S 03(degree sign)08.339´
            W 059(degree sign)59.721

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