Monday, February 11, 2013

I Miss The Mountains!

February 4th, 2013
. SO! This week the weather was AWESOME. Theres two kinds of weather here, insanley hot and humid. Or just raining and super humid but kinda hot. Its been really really cloudy all week here so we´ve taught almost every lesson completley wet. But i dont mind being wet :) Its kind of nice getting out of the sun! We taught family this week and it was just a mom and 6 kids. It was cool. When we were leaving they had an old freezer sitting outside of their house and the kids opened it and jumped in! They had turned it into a tiny pool! It was one of those freezers that you just open and its like a big ol box. One old couple we taught on that same road had a HUGE turtle shell under their little overhang on their porch, it was as big as my chest haha! Sorry mom no pics of that, didnt have my camera :( I taught my english class and only a few people showed up, it was fun though! We were all laughing the whole time and I feel like they learned a lot. Did i ever tell you there are a ton of vultures here? They are sooooooo ugly but really cool looking when their flying. Theres always like a flock of them in the air. They get super super high in the sky though and its way cool to see 20 or 30 of them flying around in circles in the sky. Ok so we were in an area called crespo knocking on doors and we ended up almost knocking on a catholic meeting in a house. Probably 50 people there. The door was cracked open so we could see. After much debating i finally convinced Basílio to knock with me because it wasnt a church! So we did......we didn´t get in....but almost! It was worth a try haha. SO something happened this week it was SO SAD!! So like ive said before there are cats and dogs everywhere here. We found a kitten in the middle of a bunch of trash on the street. Probly a week old. It still had the umbilical chord attached. We looked everywhere for its mom but couldnt find her. We walked around and asked people if they wanted a kitten but no one would take her :((((( because theres so many around here if people want one they can just pick one up and train it. So we had to put it back where we found it and hoped it had a mom somewhere. SO sad. If it wasnt a rule to not have pets i would have kept it. Anyways that was sad. So speaking of the super bowl theres some members here including the bishop that want me to ´train´them about  ``futebal americano`` haha so im teaching them a lil about the rules and the teams. Also we went to Mauazinho for some baptismal interviews for guys in our district. Mauazinho is super jungly area right by the meeting of the waters. That area is really cool, ill bring my camera next time i go there. But we had to cross a really really realy sketchy brige that was just 2 or 3 planks like 15 feet in the the very end i ended up falling through the bridge but wasnt hurt haha. Still scared the crap out of me. The house we went to was right next to the river and the Elder that was there, Elder gray said he had eaten aligator and snake there last time and next time we came he´d ask the family he baptized that fed him that if hed kill an aligator and cook it for me :) so my hopes are up for that!!!!   So also in my area there are a bunch of small trucks, and medium ones. No big ones because the roads are so small. But most of the trucks have bed covers on them and in the bed of the truck tons of people have MASSIVE sound systems. Like on saturday the loudest one ive heard drove by Basílio and i and set off 3 car alarms. It was so loud haha. But theres music here called Brasilian Funke, apparently its super super bad music with a beat kind of like rap and dubstep but a different at the same time. I cant understand what their saying though but Basílio hates it.  Elder Basílio is a master teacher, im learning a lot from him. He´s also the only member in his family, so thats cool. Did I ever say we dont knock here just clap? Because poeple have gates with spikes around all their houses so we cant get to the door. So we clap! I clap usually cause I have big hands and it´s louder. Carnival also started this week so i think starting wednesday we have to go back to our houses a couple of hours early. Sunday we saw a lil big of it. Its basically just a bunch of beer Funke and other bad music and girls wearing less than they usually do here! Tons of cars lined up on the roads going for downtown Manaus with the trucks all blasting their sound systems trying to outdo eachother I think haha. Well thats all i got for this week! Tchau!
Elder Green

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