Sunday, January 6, 2013

Merry Christmas!

December 25th

Hey family!!!
Ok so MOM. I LOVED ALL THE PRESENTS ESPECIALLY THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you mom and kristin. All the pics are unbelievable. And those extra pics of christ you sent to me laminated that there were doubles of I gave to some of the guys in my districts the doubles. They all love that picture of Christ since they saw my big one by liz lemon. AWESOME. And I loved every single tie. Which is kind of amazing becuase I am pretty darn picky about my ties! Really though I loved them all. Batman shirt=awesome. Jazz shorts=awsome. ALL THE PICS!!!!! I was wanting pics so bad. Thank you so much. Ok so first Christmas eve. It was just normal shedule here until like 630 or so. Then we had choir practice for a while (everyone here is required to participate in choir, kinda dumb becuase we are only singing to 6 people on the stand then haha) But after choir practice we had a musical devotional type of a thing. It was crazy spiritual. Really awesome. OH and before all that we had dinner. Mom.....the dinner on Christmas eve was the WORST one we have had tasted like dust and old people. So gross. BUT I stayed positive! I just wanted you to know I was really missing your Chirstmas Eve dinner hehe :) THEN we went to bed early but before bed they had ice cream and brownies out for us! SO yummy. And around 10 we heard bells outside our hallway and some of the district presidents and the presidents wife came around and gave us cookies and a lil bag of heaven. They all had santa hats on and were going room by room giving the bags to the elders! Awesome right?? I am loving it here. But at the same time Im sort of sick of it and ready to get out in the field! Makes sense right? Anywho, we stayed up a little late because they LET US SLEEP IN TODAY!!!! WHOOP!!!! But we got about the same amount of sleep anyways because here instead of 4th of July or New Years Fireworks they go crazy with fireworks on Christmas. Starting at midnight of christmas eve.....and the rest of the night....haha. It was hard to sleep! But the fireworks here are just like really loud bombs. Sounds like a war. They don't shoot into the air haha! Some do but 90% just are super loud!!! So we all woke up and I immedietly opened my few things OF COURSE. And no i didn't open a single one before then. Even though I wanted to :). Christmas day, rather today we woke up LATE (awesome) and had breakfast downstairs. Nothing special but I wasn't hungry anyways with all the candy we've been eating. Then we had a member of the 70 here in the morning and he spoke, hes the president of the Brazil area, President Costa. It was a WAY good talk. Ill include details in the next letter. Then we went up and changed and pretty much the rest of the day we can do whatever we want in p-day clothes until 7 and then we have another devotional! They have games going on all day like PING PONG (yes i freaked when i found out), gym is open all day so bball and volleyball all day if we want to. Paper air plane contests, they are showing the otherside of heaven too which is SWEET. I'll probably go watch that after this :) Oh mom so i busted out the fruit leather yesterday and shared everyone LOVED it. Especially Irmão Victor, he's obsessed with it hahaha. I loved getting a letter finally in my box from you!!! I havn't gotten a letter from anyone in 3 weeks....haha. Poopy! I got bunches in Provo! Oh welllllllllll. Mom could you send me Invictus poem and The poem about the road not taken by Robert Frost? those are my favorite poems and I want to add them to the book. We had a testimony meeting with just our District on Christmas Eve too. I think that may be probably one of the strongest places I've ever felt the spirit. I think It's because I love my district. Alll of them. WE ALL make each other laugh so much! I could be best friends with any of them! It's awesome haha! Well i gotta run. MOM AND DAD: Your Christmas present is taped under the Piano, Merry Christmas :) love and miss you all soooooo much! Thanks again for the stuff. Best Christmas a different way :) Its equal to the best lets just say :) Tchau Tchau!!!

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