Monday, January 21, 2013


January 21, 2013
IT´S HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just thought I´d open with that :). Its really hot here.....haha. BUT I actually dont mind it all that much! AAAnnnnd apparently it´s winter here. I was dying yesterday and my comp said just wait, we have missionaries pass out on a regular basis because it´s so hot in the summer haha. Speaking of my comp his name is Elder Basìlio. Yep! I got´s me a Brazilian companion! He´s way awesome though. He´s the district leader and has a real talent for teaching. We get along great and he loves english and wants to learn really bad. His dream is to go to a general conference live in Utah and understand everything haha! Kinda cool. My areas name is Lagoa Verde. YEP Green Lake in english. Its in the middle of the city so I´m not in the middle of nowhere but still in the jungle. The Amazon is GINORMOUS!   DAD THANK YOU FOR THE NBA STANDINGS IVE BEEN WONDERING FOR 3 MONTHS. Haha.......ANYways. My area has 1,000 hills. Super steep and they're everywhere. I´ve only found a few roads that are level for more than 20 feet haha. .There are 10,000 cats and dogs walking in the streets. Rat´s too, lots of dogs and cats and rats! Its the whole dang pet circle of life. I´ve seen some pretty SICK dog fights though. They just poo and pee in the middle of the road too haha. They other day we were walking down some alleys to talk to a 16 year old named Gabriela that showed a lil bit of interest. While we were talking to her outside her house this little girl came running around. Anyas age at least, She was barefoot and had on a purple shirt that was purple near the top but faded into black/brown near the bottom. She was so freaking adorable. The accent here is impossible to understand. My comp is from são paulo and he said it took HIM a while to get what people were saying. (sigh) I got so frustrated my second day. I literally had no idea what was going on during the lesson. I wanted to scream. Gah just thinking about it makes me frustrated. I can understand people from São Paulo fine. But here its just so different. They understand me, I just don´t understand them. BUT. I´m the freaking bomb at charades now so thats a plus :)) But yeah super hot, and we walk everywhere. I lost 11 pounds in 3 days if that says anything haha.... I get a lot of stares when I walk around because im 1 1/2 feet taller than everyone!  Every house I go into that has a floor, (so i need to take my shoes off), literally every person yells whaaaaaaa????? When i take my shoes off and picks them up and looks and them. They just laugh and laugh and laugh after I tell them their mine haha. So the food here is wayyyyyy good. They have crazy fruits that they only have here that i wont even attempt to spell but they are good. They also have this Amazonian nut, thats only in the Amazon and its basically a giant almond. Inside a really hard shell so it´s tough to get out but its worth it. SO good. I haven´t had a coconut yet but i want to. Bananas are UNREAL. Mangos.....oh my gosh....mana from heaven greatest thing ever. Ok so there are so many bugs here. Mosquitos galore. SO many. I hate them. When i see one, I ATTACK. Not just try, I ATTACK. Like my life depends on it. I´ve kind of made a game out of killing them in cool ways. 
Like in between my legs or something its SUPER fun :) but yeah i get bitten all the time. Coolest animal I´ve seen is a parrot, like I said I'm in the city.  Ok so NOW is the best part. We met a guy named Alex on Thursday, baptized him yesterday..........yeah SO CRAZY. MY FIRST BAPTISM! He was crazy receptive and wants to serve a mission now. He´s only 17! So awesome. His family wants to hear about the gospel now too he said. He doesn´t live in our area he was just visiting his cousin but he leaves this week and wanted only us to baptize him, so our mission pres gave the ok and we did! It was so awesome. I didn´t do the actual baptism, another Elder (elder rex) did because we had alot of baptisms and had to get them done quick. SO cool :)
 I MISS EVERYONE!!!!!!!  I always see the cutest little girls here so i think of anya then of the fam. (sigh) Being in the field has tripled my missing because I don´t have all my great district anymore to have fun with!  ILL HAVE A NEPHEW IN 6 WEEKS. YES!!! Send 480 pictures when he comes ok? ok.
Until Next week, Love you all!
Elder Green

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