Monday, February 11, 2013

Watch Out For The Amazon!

Feb 11, 2013
What up my family! So! This week was good. Went by really fast despite some difficulties haha. So in the beginning of the week I went on a division in our neighbor area called Mauazinho. It´s right in the middle of the jungle, after mauazinho its just Amazon as far as the eye can see! So I was with an Elder that didn´t speak any English at all so it was a really good time for me to practice my portugese! Even though he didn´t talk much I made him talk haha. It was cool to walk around there and teach people in little houses that were hanging over the river.  But in divisions normally you stay the night in that area so i slept in the Mauazinho house and the next morning I woke up with a rash over my entire body! That was a grand ol time having Brazilians touch my face and arms saying i had Dengue even though I didn´t have a fever or a headache. No worries it wasn´t Dengue, just a weird rash......haha. I came back to my area! So another wierd/sad thing happened with one of our investigators. So a few weeks ago Elder Básilio baptized a girl named. She was super awesome and attended church and everything. But she called Elder Basílio one day and said she had been talking to her parents (Jehovas witnesses.....they´re a lil difficult) and she wanted to talk. So we met her at the chapel and she gave back her Book of Mormon, all the pamphlets Basílio had given her and wanted to talk the Bishop to cancel her Baptism. We were like WHAT? WHY? She said shed had dreams that members of the church were chanting around a fire wearing hooded cloakes and sacrificing things, then tried to kill her. Sooooooooooo we talked to her a little but respected her decision. Then she told us its not to late to join the Jehovas Witnesses. We almost busted out laughing when she said that but oh well. I dont even know if you can negate your baptism haha. But later in the week we had a division with our zone leaders in our area. So we had 4 Elders working in out area. I went with Elder Robbey the american and Elder Basilio went with the Brazilian. We had a lot of sucsess. But later that day in an area called crespo we were walking down a street where an investigator´s house was. He ended up not being home but there were about 10 kids in the street playing a game in the road called taco ball. Its basically like Cricket! Elder robbey said lets go after the person wasnt home but i said wait! Look at all these little investigators running around! He laughed and said OK! So we watched them play for a sec then I said. Hey! We dont have this in the U.S! Can we play?? They said YEAH! Because kids here love americans. So we started playing.....IT WAS SO FUN!!! After we won ( >:) ) we asked if we could talk to them all for a second. So they all gathered around and we talked about Faith, Repentance, and Baptism for a little bit! Elder Robbey was SUPER good with the kids and we ended up getting all of their names and adresses! The spirit was just crazy strong teaching all those receptive little kids. It was just.....stupendous! We met a new investigator yesterday!  Shes 15 but really nice. Its kinda fun passing back and forth a notebook and it lets me practice my spelling in Portuguese! So also this week we had lunch at a members house, we had fish and maybe the best meat ive ever had in my life. Some kind of beef. Brazil definetly wins the planet on meats haha. But we were talking about fish and this member ended up telling us a pretty awesome story. So his cousin lived deeper in the amazon near the border of the amazon river. He was crossing a dangerous part of the river on his horse one day and was holding on to its neck. He ended up slipping off the horse and falling in the river! Guess what happened! He started to swim and a school of pirhanas started eating his legs, well you cant swim without legs very well so.....they found half of his body 2 days later down the river with some pirhanas that were inside him still...mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Then he showed us on his hand where he´d been bitten and 3 places on his legs where a sting ray had stung him! Moral of the story, dont mess with the amazon river! So all this week and last is carnival. It´s pretty crazy. It mostly just about 20 people piled in the back or riding on top of cars holding on to the sunroof blasting music. We had to veer around a huge party yesterday where the road was blocked off. We could have walked through but thought it was probly better to take the long way haha. Well thats all for now folks! Miss and love everyone. If anyone has money to spare.......send me a package :))

Tchau!!! --Elder Green

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